• Le Strade Bianche afer Van Gogh.

    a Hot Spot for Bicycle and Arts Lovers

    discover the beauty of cycling through the eyes and thoughts of artists from around the world.

  • ArtNouvélo offers an artistic perspective on the fascinating world of cycling.

    By connecting word and image, we bring tales that go a little deeper than the skin.

  • Here's what ArtNouvelo does today :


    - Original Art with Cycling at the centerpoint

    - Casual Cycling wear in collaboration with Antwerp (BE) pioneers from "The Vandal"

    - Printed Artworks around Cycling

    - Customized and Individual Art for your own Cycling Universe

    - Interesting Stories around Cycling on our multilingual Blogs

    "Il Giro di Remco". Illustration for the Giro d'Italia 2020.

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  • ArtNouvelo's Objectives

    Wherever we go, our journey will evolve around the following 3 points

    Passion for Cycling

    ArtNouvelo started as an online platform to share our own emotions, creativity and passion for cycling.

    Blogs, stories, paintings, cartoons…Wherever this goes, the passion that drives us and keeps us in the saddle, remains the basic! We want to have fun and de-stress from our hectic family life.

    Promotion of Talent

    Cycling is great on your own, but it's not the same without a bunch of friends. We share our own creativity and give the floor to other talented artists with passion for ‘De Koers’ aka "The Race".. With our platform we want to offer small income generating activities for all fantastic artistic talents that would like to be part of our community. If you are a gifted graffiti artist, painter, sculpture, writer, etc, don’t hesitate to contact us and we put your stuff on our platform.

    Helping our Community

    We also want to give something back to our beloved cycling world. A part of the revenues, we want to invest on our turn in other cycling community projects. More details to follow but the idea is to support families who lost someone in cycling accidents and to promote cycling sport initiatives in Burkina Faso.

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