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    ArtNouvelo offers an artistic perspective on the world of cycling.

  • "..a mix of Merckx and Horta.."

    Why "ArtNouvelo"?

    Well, we – the founders - are passionate about Arts and Cycling. While we both have an international network and lived in several places in the world, the city of Brussels is a crucial place for us. We lived here for years and have walked and biked – even if is not always that bike friendly - thousands of times through our city, always impressed by its beautiful "Art Nouveau" houses along the streets. Putting the bicycle ("vélo" in French and our Flemish dialekt) and Art Nouveau together, resulted in "ArtNouvelo". Art Nouveau (or Jugendstil) was the dominant international art style during the "Belle Epoque" (late 19th – early 20th century), a golden age for our beloved city, with architect Victor Horta and others creating many landmarks of style. The characteristics of Art Nouveau are a sense of dynamism and movement, which refers again to our passion for cycling. Just as Art Nouveau did, we try to see and represent the beauty in everything, while trying to do something "new" with it. For us this results in the beauty of cycling through our artistic interpretations.


    Last but not least, let’s not forget that Brussels is the hometown of the greatest cyclist ever -Eddy Merckx- and potentially his successor -Remco Evenepoel. So if you ever wonder "why Artnouvelo?", the name of our project is to honour the city where we lived and studied, and a classy cocktail of Eddy Merckx and Victor Horta.

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